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Operating a trucking fleet of any size can be challenging and expensive. Adding up the fixed and variable costs for items such as employee benefits, paid time off, workers compensation insurance, payroll, taxes, etc… and all of this is your secondary investment after you advertise, market, recruit, process, qualify, and get a driver in the seat. This process is a significant investment of both time and money. Distributing your time between managing your transportation department and recruiting is equally challenging. It’s time for you to discover Moments Notice Truck Driver Leasing and experience the benefits and values it delivers.

Flexible workforce — Why pay for full time when Moments Notice Truck Driver Leasing is an option? Let MNTDL focus on your CDL drivers.

Moments Notice Truck Driver Leasing listens and reacts to our clients requirements specific qualifications, criteria and scope of work to recruit, process, and source the right drivers. The team at Moments Notice Truck Driver Leasing is available 24/7/365 to mirror the hours of the industry and meet the demands of its clients.

Driver Qualification Process
Recruiting and advertising Reference checks
Custom orientations Interviewing
DOT screening Background investigations

Moments Notice Truck Driver Leasing builds a complete and compliant Driver Qualification file and that file is always sent ahead of the driver for the clients ultimate approval. The drivers qualification file is put into an ongoing compliance system to identify and notify all parties of upcoming items that need to be renewed or updated. These items include Annual Certificate of Violations or COV, Random MVR pulls, CDL status and expiration, and DOT Medical Card expiration and on file with the State to be in compliance.


  • Casual or on-demand – Service on demand is possible in most markets and with most segments of the industry. This service is ideal for carriers that have extra loads frequently, or have driver call-offs more than expected.
  • Seasonal – Does your company experience spikes in volume during particular seasons? Are you in the produce industry or have seasonal freight? Our seasonal service is a great solution for fleets of most any size. MNTDL can even take on your internal drivers during your slow season and keep them engaged with work.
  • Direct placement – Great for small fleets especially that do not have a recruiting and/or HR department. Our Direct Placement service provides you with processed applicants that meet or exceed your requirements and criteria for a fee, and MNTDL even provides a warranty on supplied drivers through our Direct Placement program.
  • Temporary-to-hire – The single most popular service hands down. When mentioning the sheer amount of time and money a carrier must invest to bring a driver on-board, and then what if that driver does not work out, you start all over again, right? With MNTDL Temp-To-Hire, you are in better control, you have an opportunity to “try before you buy” and not only do you, the carrier have an opportunity to evaluate the driver, but the driver equally has an opportunity to evaluate the company for a WIN-WIN relationship. Utilizing this service also provides time for the carrier to perform its own internal processing and on-boarding while utilizing the driver, evaluating their work, and providing service to its valued customers.
  • Other – Creativity is the name of the game, a company or carrier that is too rigid and not flexible will have great difficulties in todays economy. A carrier that is flexible and fluid, can run lean with resources in reserve if needed is the carrier that will grow. Contact us today, and meet with one of Account Managers and let MNTDL build or create some options for you, with some creative, economical, and effective solutions.

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