Semi Truck Maintenance Tips

Your truck is your lifeline. Your truck is your money maker. Keeping your truck well maintained is unbelievably important. Keeping up with regular maintenance will cut down on small issues. Maintenance will also keep small issues from turning in to big issues. Big issues are the ones that will put a big dent in your bank account. These semi truck maintenance tips will help you keep your truck running at peak performance.

Keep Up With Your Oil

Your truck is working hard. You may not always realize it, but it is. Motor oil is key in keeping everything running smoothly. Make sure to check your oil before every trip, especially a long haul. Oil changes and keeping a general oil schedule is simple and will cause major damage to your engine if you become negligent.

Tire Maintenance (And All That Comes With It)

Tires are the shoes of your vehicle. Your truck is your baby. You wouldn’t send your baby out of the house without proper shoes, would you? Seriously though, tires are expensive. Tires are also one of the largest culprits for accidents relating to big rigs.

You should check your tire pressure weekly. Improperly inflated tires will affect handling, they wear faster and they have a higher chance of blowing. Properly inflated tires also reduce fuel consumption.

Tire rotation and balancing is another very important part of semi truck maintenance. Driving such a powerful machine, you want to be sure that you’ve got proper traction underneath you. Tire rotation and balancing will also reduce the wear on your tires and prolong their lives.

One thing that can wreak havoc on your properly rotated and balanced tires, as well as the rest of your truck, is a truck that is out of alignment. Wheels that are out of alignment may cause your tires to wear unevenly. Your handling will be negatively affected and you will most likely use more fuel. Also, an improperly aligned truck can shake or vibrate which can cause issues with your suspension. All of that jostling of internal parts can cause problems as well.

We hope that these semi truck maintenance tips will help keep your truck running for a long time. Safe driving!