What qualities do the best truck drivers have?

There are lots of CDL truckers, but just because you’re licensed doesn’t mean you’re separating yourself from the rest of the group. How do you really stand out among the field and show that you’re deserving of the best loads? Great truck drivers tend to have some of the same attributes: they aren’t late, they’re agreeable, and they’re flexible.

Being Punctual

When you’re on time, you’re accomplishing one of the most important goals of your job as a CDL truck driver. You’re not only making yourself look good, but with your status as a representative of a carrier, you’re making the carrier look good, too. Good performance and good results make up a ton of your reputation and trustworthiness. It also means the carrier doesn’t have to always follow up with you, freeing up resources to do other things instead of keeping track of you to see where you are.

Having the Right Attitude

When you’re easy to get along with and you don’t complain, you’re not only making everyone’s job easier, you’re being a good truck driver role model. Some loads are worse than others, but complaining won’t help, and complaining to your dispatcher or to other truckers just ends up breeding negativity. Doing your best to have a positive mental attitude or to at least not complain can go a long way in helping you get good assignments and showing that you’re a good truck driver.

Demonstrating Flexibility

What does it mean to be flexible in your role as a truck driver? For starters, one of the best things you can do is to take difficult or undesirable loads. Someone has to do it, and when you show that you’re willing to do what needs to be done, people will remember that and it makes it easier to get a good assignment later. It also means making sure to keep hours available so you’re ready when called upon. That’s a great way to show how reliable you are, or likewise, making a habit of not having hours can show how reliable you’re not.

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