Problems that new truck drivers face

Truck driving can be a solid career, but many truck drivers will admit that getting started isn’t easy. It doesn’t require extensive formal education and there’s an abundance of truck driving jobs, so many people try to jump right in. What they’re often not aware of is that there are many nuances to truck driving that can make it difficult to establish footing.

One of the most important things to do when you’re a new driver is to stay focused on your career goals. Do your best to disregard any preconceived notions about truck driving – you should grow from your own experiences instead of leaning too heavily on advice from others. Recruiters, trainers, and other truckers all might have something to say, but don’t place so much stock in their words that you let the annoying things take all the fun out of the job.

It’s also crucial to set your own expectations and take initiative to learn things on your own. You probably won’t have time to learn everything from your trainer, company, colleagues, or anyone else. Don’t let your trainer’s shortcomings set the tone for your truck driving career. Beyond that, if there’s something you don’t learn during your training that you feel like you should’ve learned, don’t sit around and wait. Instead, do your best to learn it on your own so you can be fully prepared for  any situation that you find yourself in with your truck.

The last big thing that surprises newcomers is the separation and exhaustion that comes with being a truck driver. You’ll spend long periods of time alone where you don’t see anyone at all that you know. You’ll also feel like you have no energy left after working for long periods of time trying to deliver a load. Truck driving isn’t always easy, but it can be rewarding.