What To Keep In Your Truck for Emergencies

You never know what you’re going to need when you’re on the road. We’ve compiled a list of items you should always keep with you on the job, and even in your regular vehicle too.

What To Keep In Your Truck for Emergencies

1. Tire changing supplies: You should always have a spare tire, tire iron, lug wrench, tire jack and some WD-40. If you’ve got these essentials on hand, then you’ve got everything you need to change a tire.

2. A Fire Extinguisher: Hopefully your engine never catches fire, but if you’re thinking of the giant, heavy wall-mounted fire extinguishers, you’ll be pleased to know there are much smaller, more portable options on the market. It’s better to have one on hand, just in case.

3. A Multi-tool: You never know what tool you’re going to need while on the road. A multi-tool covers your bases on the most common stuff and is much more space-efficient than a bulky toolbox. Leatherman is the gold standard, but there are plenty of more affordable options on the market.

4. Reflective triangles: You’re already having a bad day, so make sure that night drivers can see you when you’re pulled off onto the shoulder to help prevent it from getting any worse. Safety should be one of your top concerns.

5. Paper towels: Quick cleanup options are a good thing. Prevent stains and messes in your truck or wipe anything off your windshield that windshield wipers aren’t getting.

6. An on-the-fly truck repair kit: This should include replacement parts and enough stuff to MacGyver your way home. Your repair kit should include JB Weld for fixing broken metal braces and patching an oil pan, hose-repair tape, a tire reamer-plugger, duct tape, parachute cord, Fix-a-Flat, and jumper cables.

7. A 7×9-foot blue tarp: Having a tarp will shield you from the rain while you repair a punctured tire, provide shade in the desert, function as a makeshift sleeping bag, or catch rainwater for emergency drinking supplies. It’s the duct tape of a truck kit.