The 8 Benefits Of Becoming A Truck Driver

1. Job Stability

One of the best reasons to consider a career in truck driving is for the job stability. Most of the freight that gets hauled throughout the United States is hauled by truck drivers, so jobs are always available.

2. Great Pay

Not only is pay calculated on a per-mile basis or paid on the number of loads you haul, many companies also offer annual increases and bonuses.

3. The Opportunity to Travel

If you hate being stuck behind a desk, trucking offers you the ability travel and see places all over the country. You’ll never be stuck behind the same four walls day in and day out.

4. The Sense of Satisfaction

So many companies depend on you getting their goods to them on time and in good condition. As a truck driver, you can feel a sense of satisfaction knowing you’re providing such a valuable service.

5. Job Flexibility

With certain companies, especially at a Moment’s Notice Truck Driver Leasing, you can choose the types of hauls you want to drive, such as local, long distance, or a combination of both. You can also choose what type of truck you want to drive.

6. Set Your Schedule

To make sure that you deliver your routes on time, you set your own schedule. You can also choose if you want to drive part time, full time, or be on call. Choose when you have your down time and when you’re home.

7. Work in Teams

There are many trucking positions that involve working alone for long periods of time. But there are also options for driving in teams. Working as a team with a spouse or a colleague allows drivers to earn a higher income in long term scenarios. Working as a team also allows you to earn bonuses for faster deliveries.

8. Travel With Your Pet

Many companies will allow you to bring your pet with you on the road. A pet can be the perfect companion for lonely drives.

Gift Ideas for Truckers

Christmas is right around the corner, and we have our favorite gift ideas for truckers. Whether you want something special for yourself, or your favorite trucker, we have ideas for every price range.

Gift Ideas for Truckers

1. Navigational Aids

There are so many options for GPS and other navigational aids on the market now. You can easily find the right device in your price range. The best devices will do more than just get you from point A to point B. Now they offer information on routes for large trucks, like prohibited roads, height clearance information, and the closest and best truck stops and weigh stations.

2. A Better Track Mattress

Just about anyone can appreciate a better night’s sleep, so you can’t go wrong with a new track mattress. These days they make mattresses for the trucker that will rival any regular sized mattress. You can also get a nice new sheet and pillow case set to match. If you want to go all out, you can also pick up an electric blanket, perfect for those cold nights on the road.

3. Better Sunglasses

Protect your favorite trucker’s vision with a pair of polarized sunglasses. The glare of the road can be harsh on your vision, especially in open sunny areas or places that are covered in snow. You can find a nice pair of polarized sunglasses for anywhere from $20 to a few hundred dollars.

4. A New Headset

Find a great pair of noise canceling, wireless, and hands free headsets. Previously we created a list of 2017’s top headsets for your convenience. A durable and reliable headset can go a long way for both safety and comfort. Look here for our previous list of 2017’s Top Headsets for Truckers.

5. Entertainment

Long stretches on the road can get pretty boring. A few gifts that will help pass the time are a new kindle for ebooks, a new iPod with all their favorite tunes, or even a portable DVD player.