Trucking Bloggers You Should Know About

Blogging has become a creative outlet for many people who want to share their feelings and thoughts openly. It has been a wonderful platform for those who want express their views and opinions about a certain topic. Individuals from a wide variety of industry have used the internet to inform others regarding their field. Truck drivers are among those who are able to take advantage of this incredible way of communicating with others.

Those in the industry of transportation, especially truck drivers are living a life that is quite different from the ordinary. If you want to know more about the driving field, some truck bloggers have shared their experiences and feelings in the transportation industry. With these bloggers, people are able to have a glimpse of their lives.

The Healthy Trucker. Started in 2012, the primary mission of this blog is to provide tips and real advice for truck drivers to live a happy and healthy life. Regardless of your fitness objectives and health goals, this blog site has useful information that will help anyone in his journey towards healthy living.

The Daily Rant. If you are looking for a witty, yet informative blog, this blog created by Eddie and Selena is something you should check out. They made this blog as they were driving all over the lower forty-eight states and Canada. It consists of photos of their travels and interesting blog you will surely love.

Real Truck Driver. This blog covers a lot of categories, including trucking news, flatbed trucking and trucking adventures. If you are looking for an informative blog from truck drivers, this is the right blog to consider.

Whether you want to take a look at the unique transportation industry or you are considering being a truck driver, you may want to know more about these trucking bloggers.