Time Management Tips For Truckers

As a truck driver, especially one new to the profession, making the most of your time is one of the keys to success. Along your journey you will run in to unexpected hurdles and roadblocks (no pun intended). You’ll need to know how to avoid these, when possible, and minimize time loss when you can’t. These time management tips for truckers will help you make time and keep yourself in a good frame of mind.

Avoid Heavy Traffic

Easier said than done, right? Well, yes. However, a little bit of planning will help you make the best time possible. Let’s say you’re leaving Orlando for Savannah at 5AM. This will put you in Jacksonville at 7AM, smack dab in the middle of the morning rush. If you’ve ever driven through Jacksonville at this time of day, you’ll know that you could be delayed well over an hour. Plan ahead and leave Orlando an hour to 90 minutes earlier and you should be in the clear. Also, keep your ears out for traffic reports. You be thankful you did.

Start Early, End Early

Another way to save time is to start your day early. If you plan out your route like we mentioned earlier, you’ll miss a lot of work traffic and save precious time. The earlier you get done with your deliveries for the day, the farther ahead of schedule you’ll be. This will allow you to get parked early (which can be a huge hassle and time waster) when there are still parking spots available. Wasting an hour or two trying to find a spot for the night really will put you behind the 8 ball. So remember, start early and end early.

Most drivers want to get as many miles in their log book each week as they can. Following these time management tips for truckers will allow you to achieve this goal.