Truck Driving Truths

Myths about the truck driving profession are spread about like wildfire. Things like truck drivers being serial killers or being dirty. As a new truck driver, or someone considering joining the profession, how are you to know what to believe? There are some truck driving truths that we hope to reveal in this article. Don’t listen to what people say, take in some actual facts below.

Truck Driving Is A Man’s Job

This statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. Females are the fastest growing demographic when it comes to new truck drivers. Over 200,000 female truck drivers are currently employed. Female trucking is on the rise and we think that’s a great thing.

Truck Drivers Cause Auto Accidents

While truckers do cause some accidents, the percentage is very low. Only around 4 percent of accidents are caused by commercial truck drivers. Of those accidents, the driver of the non-commercial vehicle is at fault 80 percent of the time. Truckers have their livelihood on the line when they get behind the wheel. Generally speaking, this makes truck drivers more focused and safe while on the road.

Truckers Are Poor

Trucking isn’t a glamorous job, but it’s important and drivers are compensated fairly. The median annual pay for a truck driver is $38,200. Hourly that comes out to $18.37. Fleet owner/operators make substantially more than this. Great paying truck driving jobs are available for qualified candidates.

Truckers Are Never Home

For some truckers, being away from home is part of the allure of the job. However, most drivers want to see their families and be home as much as possible. Many companies specifically plan routes that allow drivers to schedule home visits. Many even schedule drivers so they have the same days off, at home, each week. If you want to be home, there are ways to make that happen.

We hope we’ve helped debunk some of the myths and instead showed you some truck driving truths. If you’re interested in being on the road, it’s a great profession to have.

Tips To Help Truck Drivers Stay Awake

One of the most difficult parts of being a truck driver is avoiding (or at least limiting) the dreaded drowsiness. The repetitive nature of the road can put you in a trance, so it’s important to take steps to avoid this. We hope that these tips to help truck drivers stay awake will make things easier for you.

Get Plenty Of Sleep – It sounds obvious, but the best way to keep from being tired while driving is to get enough sleep. Many driver have regulations in place that require a specific amount of time off of the road. It is wise to use this time to catch up on sleep.

Get Your Blood Pumping – The easiest way to get a burst of energy is to exercise. We know that finding time or a place to exercise can be difficult. You don’t have to do a full-fledged workout though to get your endorphins going. A walk around the parking lot of a truck stop or some pushups will work wonders for keeping you alert.

Get Some Nourishment – Making sure to eat a balanced meal is important for everyone, but can be tough for truck drivers. A balance of carbs, protein and vegetables will help your body produce energy. Eating small meals throughout the day gets your metabolism going and will boost your energy as well.

Pump Up The Radio – If you’re feeling tired, put on some music that gets you going. Throwing an in cab dance party is sure to keep you awake. Switch things up by turning on some talk radio which will get your mind going.

Crank Up The A/C – One of our favorite tips to help truck drivers stay awake is to make the A/C as cold as it will go. Getting the inside of your truck to a temperature that is less than comfortable will make your body work harder to stay warm. This gets your heart pumping and you’ll get a nice burst of energy.

We hope these tips to help truck drivers stay awake will be a benefit to you on the road. Safe driving!

Tips For New Truck Drivers

Truck driving is a rewarding career that can allow you to see different parts of the country while making a good living. That being said, there are some challenges that require focus and discipline. We hope these tips for new truck drivers will start you down a successful road.

Follow Basic Traffic Guidelines – With all of the responsibility of being an over-the-road truck driver, it’s sometimes easy to neglect the basics. Things such as using your turn signal to change lanes, high beam use regulations, etc. Abiding by basic rules can make everyone’s time on the road easier and less dangerous.

Be Safe – It’s easy to forget that you are driving a very large and very dangerous vehicle. The number one tip would be to keep a safe distance between your truck and the vehicle in front of you. Equally important would be to keep your focus on the road and don’t ever text message while driving. Outfit your rig with a hands-free set up for cell phone calls. Don’t let what goes on inside your truck have an affect on what happens outside of it.

Get Plenty of Sleep – Staying on the topic of being safe, make sure you’re well rested when you get behind the wheel. There are specific regulations regarding the amount of sleep required for commercial truck drivers. Not all drivers are held to these same regulations, but it’s best to follow them even if you aren’t. It’s safe to say that you wouldn’t drive while under the influence, correct? Well tests have shown that driving while sleepy is at least as dangerous as driving drunk. Make sure you get plenty of sleep.

We call these tips for new truck drivers, but these aren’t things that you should do, but things you have to do. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be well on your way to a great career.