Exercise Tips for Truck Drivers

It’s no secret that being a long-haul trucker isn’t an occupation that requires a great amount physical activity. In fact, many truck drivers are sedentary up to 23 hours a day. The US Department of Transportation, in a 2014 study, found that over the road truckers were found to have higher than double the obesity rate as the national working population (69% to 31%). Also, the prevalence of morbid obesity is twice as high, as well (17% to 7%).

These are trends that need to be bucked, and quickly. So how do we, as truck drivers, get more exercise? Here are some easy ways to become more active while on the road.

  • Any exercise is better than no exercise. It’s important to start somewhere. Walking around the parking lot of the truck stop is a start. You’ve got to get your blood pumping, your heart rate up and get your metabolism kick-started. 5 minutes at a time is absolutely better than complete inactivity.
  • Take advantage of a free moment. Every day is different in the life of a trucker. That’s part of the charm of this job. However, it’s impossible to set a schedule, let alone a workout schedule. Waiting in line for an open bay? Do a few pushups beside the truck. Have 10 minutes to spare before hitting the road? Do 10 minutes of high intensity exercise. Getting your heart rate in the fat burning zone (between 111 and 139 beats per minute) as quickly as possible will make the best use of your short workout.

Truck drivers have to make a concerted effort to make exercise a part of their lives. Have some fun with it! How many people get to work out in a new town, city or state every day?
While it may take some sacrifice, the health benefits will be exponential.