Eating Healthy on the Road

To continue on the staying healthy trend, we are going to be talking about how eating healthy out of your truck is beneficial for you. Whether you are a long distance driver or not, this task may seem impossible, but with some time, you can get in the routine of preparing meals and foods before you begin your day. It may seem like it would be easier to just stop and get something quick, however these meals tend to be not as healthy. Here are a few tips that can not only allow you to make more healthy food choices, but can also save money you would spend on restaurant meals.

When many Americans prepare food, it is usually in a kitchen. The average kitchen size is 70 square feet, so trying to compact a full kitchen within the cabin would be nearly impossible. However, there are versions of equipment that would aid in preparing food on the road that is smaller in size. The two main pieces of equipment would be used to keep food cold and to cook. An ice chest, cooler, or compact refrigerator would be best to keep foods cold. To cook foods, a small grill, crock pot, electric skillet, or hot plate would work great and each of these tools is small enough to store away. Having a small supply of utensils is a must, this way you’re not eating and cooking with your hands.

Now that you have the tools for food preparation, what do you make? Cooking a chicken breast or two would be simple to do and you can add it to bed of lettuce for a healthy salad. Add your favorite pre-washed and cut vegetables to make your salad more nutritious and flavorful. Having the cooler or refrigerator allows for storage for lettuce, spinach, vegetables, meats, and fruits. Whole fruit makes for a great snack that is easy to grab and go. Nothing goes better with a meal or snack than some cold water. Replacing sodas and sugary drinks with water will not only be a healthier choice but will leave you feeling refreshed.

Exercising On the Go

Last year we talked briefly about how to say healthy on the road. As this is a hot topic for the beginning of each year, we are going to go in more depth regarding how truckers can remain healthy on the road. There are countless reasons for wanting to be physically fit, and quite frankly, who wouldn’t want to live longer, improve your mood, and control your weight. The push back we’re going to hear is time, and the life of a trucker doesn’t make it easy. Once you make time and continue a routine, you’ll find that it’s not as difficult as many claim and you will be on your way to staying physically fit.

The great this with exercising is that there isn’t any particular way that it has to be done. However, wearing the correct attire, warming up and cooling down are suggested as to not overdo it. For some, it’s best to keep track of what you do, that way you have something you can see and as time continues you have something to compare previous results.

Since being fit has become such a hot topic, the type of exercising equipment that is available today is mind blowing. Most of the equipment you would use is small enough to store in the truck out of the way. Dumbbells, ankle and wrist weights, and exercise bands are great tools to incorporate into your exercising. If you don’t want to purchase any equipment, there are even exercises that can be complete from behind the wheel (only when you are completely parked). Here is a list of exercises you can complete while in your seat.

Let’s say you have no room at all. What will you do? There are tons of exercises that require no equipment at all. Walking! This is the cheapest of all exercises and can be very effective. Walking can eventually lead to faster pace walking and evening jogging, which is a great workout.

Regardless of how much time you have, take just a little bit out every day for exercise. The countless benefits are well worth the time it takes.

Trucking Line-Up

As with each New Year, it’s best to plan ahead whenever possible. To help with your planning, we put together a list that highlights some of this year’s conventions, expos, and shows that are great to attend.

TMC Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition
February 29 – March 3
Nashville, TN
The TMCs purpose is to improve transport equipment, its maintenance and maintenance management. This exhibition allows for greater feedback from different fleets and further education on our ever constant changes.

Mid-America Trucking Show
March 31 – April 2
Louisville, KY
This is the largest annual heavy-duty trucking industry even in the world. With 1,000+ exhibitors from throughout the world, the 70,000+ attendees have the best opportunity to efficiently research the latest products and services, and gain knowledge about current topics in the industry.

NADA Convention & Expo
March 31 – April 3
Las Vegas
This convention is the world’s largest international gathering place for franchised new-vehicle dealer. Hundreds of exhibitors will be showcasing the latest equipment, services and technologies and dozens of workshops with leading experts and trainers.

NAFA Institute & Expo
April 19 – 22
Austin, TX
Fleet managers and drivers that would like to learn more about Fleet Management wouldn’t want to miss this. Past I&E attendees have stated that this is the source for reliable information, networking and support in the challenging and changing world of Fleet Management.

National Truck & Step Van Driving Championships
August 10 – 13
Indianapolis, IN
The NTDC is a competition of professional truck drivers hosted by the ATA. During this competition, drivers have the chance to demonstrate their driving and inspection skills, knowledge and professionalism through a series of test. Their test includes a written exam, an interview, pre-trip inspection test, and skills test.

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week
September 11 – 17

ATA Management Conference & Exhibition
October 1 – 4
Las Vegas, NV
This conference is a great place to find information about ensuring your fleet is the most efficient, and if it’s not, there are many speakers and expert that can help. If you need the latest information on hot topics in trucking, than this is the place to be.