Staying Healthy on the Road

We know that being healthy on a regular basis is a lifestyle that we would all like to practice daily. However, sometimes it feels like it’s not practical and would be impossible to do, especially as a truck driver. You are constantly on the go and need to get to the next stop, but you can’t use these as an excuse when dealing with your life. You only live once and should always make the best of it. Here are several tips to keep all truckers healthy on the road.


  • Sleep – First and foremost, not getting adequate sleep can be the most detrimental to your overall health. Sleep plays an important role in memory and learning, and studies show that as you sleep less you begin to lose focus. Having that focus is a requirement for truck drivers if everyone is to remain safe.
  • Eating Healthy – Being on the road can make sit down or homemade meals a difficult task, but not impossible. Eating less process foods will not only help you lose or maintain weight, but doing so will help get a better night of sleep. Having a healthy snack like vegetables or fruits will also boost your immune system.
  • Water – Drinking water throughout the day is a must. Not only does water have no empty calories, but it is required for your body to function on a daily basis. Foods like watermelon and celery are filled with water and make a great snack.
  • Exercise – Being physically active can add nothing but benefits to your life. While exercising helps you control your weight and strengthen your bones and muscles, exercising will also reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. Let’s face it, drivers sit for their job, so excising allows you to get your blood flowing. With all the blood flowing you will get more oxygen to your brain allowing you to think better.

The 2015 ATA Management Conference and Exhibition

This year the 2015 American Trucking Association (ATA) Management Conference and Exhibition (MCE) were held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center and the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown on October 17th-20th. For most trucking executives, coming to the MCE is one of the most important gatherings of the year. Over the course of the four day period, topics such as economic, regulatory, and business trends will be discussed that will drive the success of fleets today and in the future.


Many industry experts and trucking executives discussed not only these topics, but important issues such as:

  • Driver recruitment: what the industry needs and where your company can find the drivers you need.
  • Driver retention: How to create a company culture that improves driver retention and moral.
  • Truck design and technology in the future:  What are the next big innovations that will improve the way fleets accomplish their work and make trucks more efficient?
  • Safety benchmarking: How does your company rank in terms of safety compared to others? Where can you improve?
  • Federal regulations: Even though the laws and regulations are made in D.C., every fleet in the U.S. is affected. What new regulations will impact your company’s operations and profitability?

To top off all of the fun you would have at this meeting, you would also be treated to live performance as well. Who you ask? Paul McCartney gave a two hour performance to a crowd of about 1,000 people during a customer appreciation dinner. McCartney performed “Drive My Truck,” which is a rendition of the Beatles song “Drive My Car.” Other Trucking references were made throughout the show, but his performance was based mostly on his career with the Beatles.  What makes this personal for McCartney is his wife, Nancy Shevell’s position as an executive at a trucking firm owned by her father.