Improving Trucking Safety

The road can be a dangerous place. This statement can be proven by the countless injuries and accidents we see every day. For truck drivers, being on the road where these accidents occur is a part of their life. Long-haul trucking is one of the most crucial jobs in the U.S., and unfortunately, one of its most risky. In 2014, Time magazine ranked truck driving 8 on its list of “10 Most Dangerous Jobs.” With this being said, drivers and management from the trucking companies are constantly collaborating on ways to make truckers jobs and the road a safer place.

There isn’t just one person to blame when it comes to making the road safer. Since there is no way to control what other drivers do, we have made a list of safety pointers that even the most experienced truck driver can use to keep as safe as possible on the road.

  • Watch your blind spots – Many motorist are not aware of truck’s blind spots and these locations are where accidents are most likely to occur. Even though it may be frustrating, exercise caution before turning or changing lanes. Always keep an eye out for other motorist.
  • Maintain your truck – This is a must! Check daily to ensure all part are working correctly, especially the breaks. With the amount of weight they must stop, you would be in a sticky situation if they were not to work.
  • Reduce speed when needed – Curves. The suggested speed on a curve is safe to always use… Wrong. There are times when the posted speed limit can still be too fast to complete safely. Entrance/exit ramps speed limits, for example, are meant more for cars. Truckers going the posted limit around a corner can cause a truck to tip over. Reducing speed is a great idea during weather problems as well.
  • Take care of yourself – A major portion of truck safety has less to do with your vehicle and more to do with you. Eating right, exercising, and getting enough sleep will make you feel more content and refreshed behind the wheel.