Preventing Accidents

There are tons of things not to do while driving a normal everyday vehicle. The list gets even larger when you drive a tractor/trailer. Common sense should be used when deciding whether you should or shouldn’t complete the task. During the last week of January, a 57-year old trucker crashed driving along I-20 because he was pulling out his tooth.

An Alabama State Trooper said that the driver took his hands off the wheel to pull one of his teeth, lost control of his truck, veered into the ditch and struck a tree. The police report stated that he had the tooth in his shirt pocket as proof. Luckily, the driver was not seriously injured, but part of I-20 was closed to traffic for 11 hours.

While this is not an everyday occurrence, accidents involved with a tractor/trailer can and do occur. In 2012, there were over 104,000 people injured in crashes involving large trucks and over 330,000 large trucks were involved in traffic collisions. There are many factors in which causes these accidents, but the top reason is due to driver tiredness and fatigue. To solve the tiredness and fatigue problem you may have, start by eating properly and exercise regularly. Another great tip is to relax more and improve your sleeping habits. For those coffee drinkers that drink all day to keep awake, but end up just as tired. Many truck drivers and regular commuters don’t realize that while caffeine stimulates the body to keep you awake, but by drinking too much coffee can overstimulate your body and cause exhaustion.

These task may seem simple and easy to accomplish, yet we still have so many accidents. To reduce the number of accidents, truck drivers must also worry about the other drives too. Many drivers don’t realize how long it takes to stop a full tractor/trailer, so when they pull out in front of the truck driver and suddenly stop, an accident can occur if the truck driver isn’t paying attention and adjust to the person that pulled in front of them.

With new technologies coming and stricter regulations, the total number of accidents should begin to decrease. We hope that in the near future we can see the number of accidents be cut in half, and then half again until we don’t have any at all!


The NATM Convention

The National Association of Livestock Trailer Manufactures was founded in 1987, and in 1992, the association decided that it would represent all light and medium duty trailers manufactures. They then changed their name to The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers or the NATM. Over the years NATM has represented more than 410 trailer manufacturing and 350 supplier companies. NATM  trailer manufacturing members produced over 600,000 trailers in 2011 that resulted in over $3 billion in annual sales. The main component that drives the association is the NATM Compliance Verification Program.

The NATM’s mission is to improve trailer safety and performance, proactively address regulatory issues, provide educational tools and events, and offering membership benefits and services.

The organization is holding its 2015, 27th annual convention and tradeshow on February 11th through the 13th in New Orleans, Louisiana. There are many companies that are sponsors for this event and at this convention, Dexter Axle is a returning sponsor. Dexter Axle is the leading manufacturer of trailer axles and trailer brakes for over 50 years. More than 800 attendees are seen at this event per year, and convention attendees last year, stated in a survey, were excited and looking forward to an event in New Orleans. 130 exhibit spaces have already been pre-reserved for the upcoming show.

For exhibitors, the following are opportunities that these spaces offer:

  • Meet face to face with existing and potential customers
  • Demonstrate your products and services
  • Increased visibility by being on the floor and listed in the NATM Convention Program
  • Includes entrance to several events for additional networking opportunities
  • Survey the market by communication with other exhibitors
  • Shows your support of the industry and NATM

At this convention, the NATM will be awarding three individuals with the outstanding member award, the outstanding young entrepreneur , and the green award. The nominations have been tallied and the individuals who received the most, will be announced on the 11th. For those that would like to attend any of the workshops can choose over ten different ones scheduled over the three days. If any trucker enthusiast would like to attend this convention, make sure you go online and view the layout to see which vendors you would like to see. There is lots to do and learn!