FMCSA Tells ATA It Will Not Delay HOS Enforcement

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration said it will not delay enforcement of the latest changes to the hours-of-service rules for truck drivers, saying that American Trucking Associations did not demonstrate enough harm to the industry and law enforcement to merit such a delay.


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Get Caught Texting While Driving, Lose Your CDL

If the $2,750 fine isn’t enough to prevent CDL holders from texting while driving, the South Dakota Senate has just passed a new bill that would suspend a driver’s CDL, if he or she is caught texting while driving anywhere in the nation while operating a commercial vehicle. Senator Mike Vehle told the Mitchell Republic that if the bill does not pass in the House, South Dakota will lose federal highway aid– 5% the first year and 10% each year after that. READ MORE contributed by CDL LIFE

Feds Raid Trucking Company For Forcing Drivers To Falsify Logbooks

Federal agents raided a trucking company in Mt. Crawford, VA on February 12th on charges of forcing drivers to falsify logbooks. Unfortunately, this sort of thing happens all the time, but for it to be happening to such a degree that there’s a raid by federal agents really says something.


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Studies Show Auto Driver Often at Fault in Truck-Involved Crashes, ATA Reports

As many as three of every four crashes involving cars and heavy trucks are caused by automobile “driver factors” such as speeding or failure to stay in a lane, according to a report released last week by American Trucking Associations.


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MNTDL is currently looking for several professional CDL drivers in the Danville, IL area. This open position is a temp to hire opportunity, routes are generally 24-36 hours in length. This is a team operation and does require physical loading and unloading (fingerprinting each box/tote). Please contact our HR department immediately and lets get you on the road to success.

MNTDL HR 407-331-1289 Press Option 2

Please welcome Tim Barnes to the MNTDL team

Tim Barnes is our newest team member. Tim will be working very hard for our current clients in the capacity of an account manager, and will also be working hard to discover new opportunities, and help prospective new customers.

Tim is a Florida native, born and raised in Orlando. Tim has over 20 years in the trucking industry and has experience both as a driver and as a manger. When Tim is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and children, and also enjoys boating and fishing.

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