SAVE THE DATE – March 21-23, 2013

That is right, please save these dates, and make plans now to attend the worlds largest Trucking Industry Trade Show in Louisville, KY. Moments Notice will be there, so please come by Booth #67160 in the West Wing and say hello, and also register for a chance to win an iPad.

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This challenge of parking has been getting worse, and with Hours of Service changes just around the corner, States shutting down rest areas, Truck Stops closing, and large shopping center parking lots hiring security to keep trucks out, or even worse towing them, you got it, parking is only going to become a bigger problem. Travel Centers of America/ Petro listened to the drivers, and answered with RESERVE-IT. You can now call 1-855-VIP-Park, and secure your space with a credit card for a small fee. Check in anytime after 4pm, and be gone no later than 3pm the following day. This concept is great, and worth every penny. This allows drivers to plan ahead, and they know they will have a parking spot now. This service is available at several locations already, and they are adding more locations soon.